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Generic Harvoni and Hepcinat LP, what is what?

Generic Harvoni and Hepcinat LP, what is what?Generic Harvoni is Hepcinat LP, its made of ledipasvir 90mg and sofosbuvir 400mg.  In 2016, WHO adopted a strategy for the elimination of viral hepatitis by 2030. Africa, and more specifically, sub-Saharan Africa, carries a substantial portion of the global burden of viral hepatitis, especially chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C virus infections.  The task that lies ahead for sub-Saharan Africa to achieve elimination is substantial, but not insurmountable. Major developments in the management of hepatitis C have put elimination within reach, but several difficulties will need to be navigated on the path to elimination.  Many of the challenges faced are unique to sub-Saharan Africa and the development of strategies is complicated by a scarcity of good data from countries and regions within sub-Saharan Africa. However, this hindrance should not act as a barrier to delay…
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Sovaldi cost in India | Harvoni cost in India | Epclusa cost in India | Maviret cost in India

The pathology of Hepatitis C as a function of mode of transmission: blood transfusion vs. intravenous drug use.

We reviewed the clinical records of 140 consecutively evaluated patients with chronic Hepatitis C infection. One hundred twenty-four patients (89%)  hep C contracted infection through blood transfusion or intravenous drug use. The liver Sovaldi cost in India biopsy specimens of 83 patients (43 blood transfusion cases and 40 intravenous drug abuse cases) were examined without knowledge of the mode of disease transmission.

 The mean histological activity index score was significantly higher in the blood transfusion group (10.2 +/- 4.2) than in the intravenous drug use group (6.9 +/- 4.5) (p = 0.001). The transfusion group had more periportal bridging necrosis (p = 0.0015) and fibrosis (p = 0.0016) than did the intravenous drug use group, whereas significant…

Hepatitis C Treatment Cost in India | Velpanat and Generic Harvoni | Hepcinat LP

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Author: Vinod K Dhawan, MD, Chief, Program Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, King/Drew Medical Center, Charles R Drew University; Professor, Department of Clinical Medicine, UCLA
Vinod K Dhawan, MD, is a member of the following medical societies:
American College of Physicians, American Society for Microbiology, American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, Infectious Diseases Society of America, and Hep C Treatment cost in India

George Y Wu, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Gastroenterology-Hepatology, Herman Lopata Chair in Hepatitis Res…

Cirrhosis and Generic Harvoni

By Howard J. Worman, M. D.

What is Cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis is characterized anatomically by widespread nodules in the liver combined with fibrosis. The fibrosis and nodule formation causes distortion of the normal liver architecture which interferes with blood flow through the liver. Cirrhosis can also lead to an inability of the liver to perform its biochemical functions. To understand the pathophysiology of cirrhosis, the normal anatomy and physiology of the liver must first be briefly reviewed.

Liver Blood Flow

Oxygenated blood that has returned from the lungs to the left ventricle of the heart is pumped to all of the tissues of the body. This is called the systemic circulation. After reaching the tissues, blood is returned to the right side of the heart, from where it is pumped to the lungs and then returned to the left side of the heart after taking up oxygen and giving off carbon dioxide. This is called the pulmonary circulation. Blood from the gut and spleen flow to and…